Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chris Cozen Classes Halloween Weekend at Stamping Details in Poway, CA

(That's me on the far right.)

Mixing Fall Colors Class Friday night

Chris's Color Chart

My favorite art girlfriends Sally and Diane!

My new friend Suzi Blu and Gigi took the class too.

Chris explaining something to the only man in our class - a Frenchman

My classmates mixing new fab shades of Golden Fluid acrylics

Faux Encaustic Class Sat. am

My artist friend Davi holding up her work in progress

We used soft gel medium to adhere collage images to the canvas. I made three of them. After the images were dry, we used a palette knife to add two colors of Golden Fluid Arylic paint to the canvas. After that dried, we selected a third accent color and painted it on a rubber thing, which was then pressed onto the canvas. The checkerboard looking thing is used under carpet padding. Chris gave us each a sample.

Chris and Diane

My friend Kat is spraying alcohol over the faux encaustic layer to get rid of the air bubbles.

Diane and other classmates

Here's the first layer of faux encaustic mixture spread onto the canvas. Chris gave us a few different formula's, including a base of acrylic ground for pastel or soft gel medium. But we used a formula which dried the fastest, consisting of less than 1/4 cup Golden Fluid Matt Medium for each 8"x8" canvas, with a drop of Quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold. Another formula substituted the gold for 3 drops of Interference blue and 2 drops of Iridescent gold to add a sheen to the finished look.

You can see the spreader tool (top of photo) we used to smooth the mixture over the canvas. It was difficult to get it perfectly smooth.

Works in Progress drying outside. Diane made the two on top.

More works in progress drying; top 2 are Kat's

More works in progress drying; top 2 are Davi's, bottom 2 are Vickie's

My green canvas wet with the mixture. I used the rubber thing to make the red marks and then used it again while the faux encaustic layer was still wet.  8"x8"

This is my Green canvas after it dried. I'm not sure what made those white spots, but I took it home this way and will be adding additional layers of paint, collage images and marks. I used Turquoise Phthalo and Diarylide Yellow on the first paint layer, with Cadium Red Light as my accent color.

My pink canvas while wet with the mixture. 8"x8"

I used Quinacridone Magenta and Indian Yellow as the first layer of paint and Cobalt Teal as the accent color.

My Pink canvas after it dried.

My purple canvas while it's still wet. 8"x8"

I used Quinacridone Magenta and Cobalt Blue on the first layer of paint and Chromium Oxide Green as the accent color.

My Purple canvas after it dried.

The gang from Stamping Details, Vickie, Clare and DiAnn

DiAnn, the owner of Stamping Details in costume #2

I'Il post the photo's from the Reverse Painting on Vinyl Class next time. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great documenting of Chris' class. When I get back I have to really look at your canvases again. I swear, sometimes (most times?) I do stuff and then totally forget what I did. I did use those palettes we made on Friday in Sunday's class. You are the BEST!

  2. I have the book that Cris wrote and it's so full of helpful tips and hints BUT it would be wonderful to actually go to her class. I hear that Julie Prichart is going to have Cris co-teaching with her on her online journal workshops. What fun! :)Bea

  3. Thanks, Sally! I'll bring my canvases next week, so you can see them in person. I'll have added more layers to them so they'll look much different - I hope.

    Hi Bea, Yes, Chris is a wonderful teacher and it's a different experience in person than reading the book, although I love both of her books as well. We San Diegans are fortunate that she teaches here so often. I saw Julie's post about Chris's upcoming online class on her network, but I don't think it will have anything to do with journaling. Depending what it is, I'll probably sign up, since I'm such a Cozen fan.

    Thanks! Nina

  4. Nina, you did a fabulous job chronicalling (sp?) the workshops - love the photos - can I 'borrow' the pics that I am in? THANK YOU for being my ARTner-in-crime at the 2 classes I took - you're a delight to create with, and your life-coaching ... is much appreciated! :-)
    -- Davi

  5. Thanks, Davi!

    Yes, of course you may have any pic you're in and the one of your canvasas drying outside. Thanks for asking.

    It was fun sharing the experience with you and sitting next to you for that class. Mark your calendar for early Feb. 2010 when Chris returns!

    xoxo Nina/Ruthie

  6. Very cool class, and I love Gigi.:)

  7. Nina, what a great post. I had such an exciting time learning new things. Chris is a great teacher, and I can't wait to take another one of her classes, but I honestly couldn't have been so happy with my work without your help. Thank you. I can't wait to work on this again. See you soon m'friend.

  8. Yes, It was a cool class, Maggie.

    Kat, It was my pleasure to help you. It helped me to be clear on the directions I was writing down, plus it was fun! Bring your canvases to Sally's next week and we can work more on ours together if you want.

    xo Nina/Ruthie

  9. Love your in process shots and explanation. Never tried faux encaustic, but I can see how it is mimics the real thing. Thanks for posting them up.

    Jaime Lyerly