Saturday, March 20, 2010

The DSC Back Togther Again: One Night Only

 Dave and Ruthie

Earlier this month, each member of "The Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw Morning Show," partied together. We met at Shelly Dunn's beautiful, San Diego home on Saturday night, March 6th.
Front Row: Shelly Dunn, Dave Rickards, Emily Maguire; 
Back Row: Cookie "Chainsaw" Randolph, Chris Boyer, Ruth 66, Sarah Beltis

It was the first time we had been all together since our last radio show on December 18th, 2009.
 My Boys (with Nicole Rickards)

My Girls: Sarah, Emily, Shelly & me

Emily, Boyer, Sarah

Poor Shelly on crutches with Nicole and Sarah goofing

The DSC Crew

 That's Sarah fiancee Chip between me and Sarah

 Ruthie and sweet Emily 
Dave was pretty darn handsy!

 Chainsaw and Dave's hot wife, Nicole in Shelly's outdoor kitchen

 Nicole looks a little buzzed!

Boyer and Emily

I was really happy to see everyone again!
The broads of The DSC
Not a fake smile in the bunch!

Seriously, we had the best time together! It was really great to see each other again after the shock of losing our gig. We had so much fun, we decided to do this more often. Dave and Nicole originated the event, but Shelly high jacked it (Nicole's words) to make it easier for her. She had surgery on her foot over our Christmas break and just had her cast changed out to a walking boot days before the party. She hopes to be walking around better than ever in another month or two.

Hope you enjoyed seeing our smiling faces once more. Thanks for visiting my blog. ~Ruthie~

All photo's are the property of Emily Maguire.

2009 Salmon Botanicals: stretched canvas, 16x20,"  Original Mixed Media Painting by Nina Reeba/Ruth66, for sale $175


  1. Early-risin' Wendy who is now forced to listen to crappy radio in the morningMarch 20, 2010 at 9:08 AM

    Miss you guys...

  2. Mornings are not the same without you guys...

  3. And now that I'm unemployed as well, I could really use my DSC cushion.

  4. I will be unemployed soon...I agree with you Eahlery...I need that DSC around!

  5. Happy to get a bit of Ruthie and Chris on FaceBook. Really curious to know what's up with D, S and C... They are just too much and too young and too good to just disappear, ya think???

  6. I miss your laugh, S' news, Boyer's timing, Dave's humble wit and Chainsaw Sports~Oh My! There must be something we can do to find the DSC a venue.

  7. We miss everything to do with DCS

  8. Great pictures, it looks like you guys had a blast! I really miss the show...this town's no damn good without you!!! :(

  9. Thank you to everyone who left a comment! We all miss doing the show and hope to be back again, but we don't know when or where. That's all I really know - wish I could tell you more.

  10. We miss you too Ruth. It's just not the same without you guys. Hoping for a return to the airwaves as soon as possible. Podcast anyone?

  11. I miss u all, on my evening drive home. DSC at night was the way to roll home. Hope the DSC finds a way to get back on the air in SD. GL

  12. Loved seeing the photos of all the people I was just getting to know on the radio when you guys went off. Why didn't we sit next to each other years ago?

    Thanks for posting the photos. See you Thursday!

  13. So, why hasn't Dave kicked off a podcast (the douche!)? I figured 3 months max, and I'd have something to go with Adam Carolla. Ace does a great job, DSC should go guest host, or be guests, or just go watch and see how it's done!

    I WANT MY DSC! And the bit players, too! ;^)

  14. Or at least a "Garage-cast!"

    We miss you guys so much! I am glad you were doing traffic in the am's recently - but miss your team on KGB. Haven't listened to that station since (and I had listened since 1970s). They made a HUGE MISTAKE.

  15. Thanks for the update. I also have not listened to KGB since they took off the great and hilarious DSC.


  16. Thanks for posting these Ruthie! Sure miss you and the rest of the DSC gang on the radio. KGB is off my presets, so I guess if they replace you guys I'll never know!

  17. I also haven't listened to KGB since - I listen to the Walrus cause yer on it and also KSON -

  18. Thanks for the update Ruthie...
    I too (as many others state) don't listen to KGB since you guys left.
    I found your blog only because I keep looking for where the DSC TEAM will surface once again.
    All the best to you and the crew.

  19. If you want to keep track of happenings in SD Radio, go to

  20. Glad to see you all having a good time. Wish I was there to hear all the jokes. I also dont listen to KGB anymore ha ha. Take care Ruthie, you all are sorely missed

  21. hey, Nina. GREAT pics. I finally took the time to enjoy them. and your SALMON BOTANICAL - gorgeous, girl. did you already sell that one? I AM GOING TO MISS OUR ART CLASSES TOGETHER - let's just make art here sometimes, okay? (and see if you can't get me invited to Sally's again, huh?!) STAY WELL, my friend. hugs - Davi

  22. hey guys ! I found DSC podcasts on iTunes :) and there is the joke of the day podcasts too!

  23. Thank you. It is good to put a face to the ones who made me very happy for so many years.
    Here's wishing you all the Bluest Skies.

  24. Miss you so. Hope everyone is doing well.

  25. Mornings just aren't the same! I listened to you guys from, well, far back in time! I no longer listen to KGB-- they are now non gratis in my book! Nikki/Ruth 66 I never knew you were so artistically talented! Hope we get to see more of your paintings!

  26. You should have another get together but with your fans,the Murph should do it. 15 year fan and contributor. Richard

  27. You should make it " a sky show" while you're at it. I know the business community will support it (it's guaranteed cash for them) and your fans will show up...once in a lifetime opportunity to reunite in a strong way...and get on with 'your show". I moved to Texas 3 months ago, so keep us in the loop on fb.