Friday, December 10, 2010

The Tourist, starring Angelia Jolie and Johnny Depp: My Review

This movie is funny! I wasn't expecting that. I expected the glorious eye candy that is Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp and the cities of Venice and Paris and "The Tourist" delivered that much at least.

It's a combination romantic comedy and spy movie. I was surprised how much I laughed. Depp plays a small town, math teacher who meets a gorgeous, mystery woman, on a train heading to Venice.

It was a visual feast, with Jolie looking like the most glamorous movie star alive. In many shots, we're simply watching her walk into a sumptuous, well appointed room or merely walking down an historic European street; and loving it. She is drop dead gorgeous.

The clothes, the jewelry, the fancy boats and the glorious posh hotel rooms are all fun to look at.

The plot could be any man's fantasy, but I suspended my system of disbelief and went along with the ride. If you don't do that, you won't like this movie.  Depp is charming and irresistible, while Jolie is a glam Goddess; much like Cary Grant and Sophia Loren were in movies from the 50's.

There were some cool, high tech incidents, a couple of boat chases and a funny scene with Depp in his pajama's running across Spanish tile rooftops.

It's not the best movie I've ever seen before, but it's not the worst, by far. Fortunately, it's not too long, checking in at 104 minutes. The pacing was good, with no major lulls. I laughed a lot, smiled even more and was mostly entertained. There were some predictable moments, but a surprise ending. I give it three stars.


  1. I liked this movie too! I would not have expected Depp to pull off a "mousy, timid" character...but he did it amazingly well. and loved the surprise ending!! it was fun, and you're absolutely right about Jolie. She didn't do much but look gorgeous, but oh so beautiful! enjoyed your review and the scenes you included...

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