Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2010 Olympic Colors to Inspire Any Artist!

 I love the colors of this year's Olympics! Not just the logo colors of blues and greens, but all the other colors next to it! The athletes are dressed in every color of the rainbow and then add the white snow with it - and wow- inspiration for days.
 If you're an artist and feeling in a rut, because you've been using the same comfortable colors ad nausea, then look no farther than the color's in Vancouver, British Columbia for the rest of this week.
 Loving the logo green's and blues.

Red, blue, green, black and white! See any others?

I love the black and white with the logo colors! But add a pinch of yellow and red and wow! Having a ton of colors in one piece doesn't mean they have to be distributed evenly. It works!

Green-gold is a favorite of mine, but I never would have thought to pair it with light blue. I like the blue-gray and white on the uniform with it too. I would consider that an analogous combination - yellow, green and blue.
The always popular red, white and blue!

Different shades of red, white and blue, with a smidge of orange thrown in and teal from the famous Olympic rings.
I love how the yellow ski's add a pop over the mostly red, white, blue, black and green. 
Check out all the different colors seen here! Love those ski's!
Check out this bunch of colors together! It can really cheer a person up who's suffering from the winter blues.

Can't forget the all important metallics!

Or the must-have item of these winter Olympics.

The colorful gold winning, American, Lindsey Von in action.
The most decorated American Winter Olympian, Apolo Ohno. 
Love him! Mostly red, white and blue, but also the black glove with gold finger tips.

I hope you found some color inspiration from looking at these photo's. I'm taking an online color class right now and learning so much about color! I encourage you to take a risk and try some color combination's that you would've avoided in the past. Remember, if you don't like it, you can always paint over it!

The Winter Olympics 2010 are on NBC through the weekend.  Be sure and watch for more inspiration for your art and for your life, as we watch people go after their dreams.

What are your favorite color combo's? What new pairings have you tried lately? Please leave me a comment - I'd love to know! Thanks for stopping by!

(all photo's came from Google images)


  1. Fantastic collage of photos from the Olympics Ruthie! I too have noticed the bright, interesting combinations. Some of the speed skating and luge suits have been eye-opening.

  2. Hey Nina Ruthie Neen! Thank you for stopping by and saying hi!

    Sometimes I quit paying attention to the sport, and start outfit watching--there are some amazing designs.

    I tend to use a lot of aqua and turquoise lately.

  3. What a great observation! Thanks. New Color Combinations. I will put that up on my workspace and see what happens.