Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grammy Award Show on CBS-TV Jan 31, 2010

The diva's ruled music's biggest night! 25.8 million TV sets were tuned in to watch the 52nd Annual Grammy Award Ceremony, Sunday night, at the L.A. Staples Center. There were some great performances, as well as some, "pitchy ones, Dawg." There were tons of gorgeous fashions and lots of pretty celebs. 
And then there was Britney Spears. Looks she fired her stylist, then left her pants in the limo. What the hell was she high on when she looked in the mirror and thought, "Yeah, I'm hot!" One hot mess was more like it.
Britney Spears

I was most excited about seeing Lady Gaga, who opened the show with Elton John. She won two awards, but lost out in the major categories to Beyonce, who won six and Taylor Swift, who won four. Even if you don't like the Gaga style, you must admit, the woman is a true original. But I'm crazy about her. Watch her interview with Oprah and you'll change your mind about her too. Gaga did not disappoint when she arrived wearing this little number.
Gaga performed wearing this outfit.

And then there was Pink. As far as I'm concerned, she stole the show and gave the most outstanding performance of the night. She arrived wearing this lovely gown.
Pink began her performance wearing this long, white, Old Hollywood type dress, with a plunging neckline and a dramatic hood.
Then she took off the hood and eventually dropped the dress to the floor and stepped out of it.
Pink did a Cirque de Soleil type performance where she was practically naked, spinning in circles, upside down high above the stage AND soaking wet.  
Pink did all of that while singing live and never missed a beat. 
The days of lip synching are over, my friends!
Pink sang on key (unlike Taylor Swift)  and gave a stunning performance. 

She ended the song like this. What a body! Very athletic, energetic and awe inspiring. 

Another stellar performance was given by Mary J. Blige and Andre Bocelli. They sang Bridge Over Troubled Waters and knocked me out!

Jennifer Hudson looked slender and relaxed. She sang in the Michael Jackson tribute,

along with Lionel Ritchie and Celine Dion. I'm not sure what the heck that thing is that Celine is wearing.
Two of Michael Jackson's children spoke after his tribute. They look so grown up since their Daddy died a short seven months ago. Their speeches were short, but touching and sweet.

Beyonce arrived looking like a princess.
But on stage, she turned into Sasha Fierce!

I was very disappointed in Taylor Swift's performance. I'm not crazy about her in general and think she's overrated at best. Yes, she gets points for writing her own music and playing guitar, but if she wasn't so pretty, she wouldn't be such a big success. I felt sorry for Stevie Nicks, who unfortunately got roped into singing a duet with her. Stevie looked and sounded great, but Taylor was off key and yes, "pitchy, Dawg."
Taylor Swift arrived looking very glam.

There were some beautiful couples there too.
Heidi Klum and husband Seal
Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban

Fergie and husband Josh Duhmel

Katy Perry and fiance Russel Brand 
Black Eyed Peas performed 2 songs

Kings of Leon won three Grammy's

Green Day won for Best Rock Album

There were a few more gorgeous girls worth noting...
Carrie Underwood
Jennifer Lopez
Lea Michele from Glee

And Rihanna.
The ceremony was long - three and a half hours - but I wouldn't have missed it for anything. I'd love to know what *you* thought. Who gave the best performance, wore the prettiest dress, was the fashion disaster? All comments are welcome. Thanks for stopping by. And no worries - I'll be back to the art world next post.


  1. Great read and recap, Ruthie!
    and i agree with everything you said. I like taylor, ( I have a 10 year old daughter, that helps), but live performances are NOT her thing. she always sounds pitchy, dog when she performs live. E in temecula

  2. I thought that Wil.i.am (sp??) of the Black Eyed Peas was a couple of beats off - I kept wanting him to "catch up" with the song...Was that just me?
    April in O'side.

  3. I'm not familar with Pink's work, but I thought that she was the only worth listening to...and the one to WATCH.

  4. Hi!
    I'm letting all of our "Reduce Clutter; Create Space" explorers know that I have a new Free Spirit Knits fan page on Facebook. Feel free to join and post anything about your journey on that page!


    Happy day.

    (BTW, I LOVE Pink and am signing up for aerial lessons this spring!)

  5. It's nice to see your blog Ruthie! I (and millions of others) miss you so much on the radio. It feels like losing a friend. Your blog is cool and so is your art. Take care and hope to hear you again someday on the radio.

  6. I'll agree with you on most things. In two other places, they said that it was Stevie Nicks who was off key, but I say one thing for Taylor - she looked beautiful and like a lady, which apparently Britney hasn't learned to do yet. She doesn't have much left to show that she hasn't already and I think if she would surprise people by wearing a long, beautiful dress, they might think differently of her, instead of just being a pop tart. Pink definitely pulled off quite a number.

  7. Pink was so amazing...I could hardly watch because I was getting dizzy!