Monday, April 19, 2010

The Best Collage Class EVER - and it's inexpensive too!

Have you ever looked at a collage and immediately fell in love with it? Have you looked at others and felt nothing, but couldn't really say why? There's an excellent online class called Complex Collage, that explains in great detail why some collages work and other don't. 

Mixed Media artist Chris Cozen, a working artist for Golden Acrylics and San Diego artist Julie Prichard have teamed up to create a very special class. It's for anyone who loves collage and wants to make the best possible choices to make them spectacular!

Chris and Julie give one-on-one feedback for every piece you upload into the network. You can't get this kind of attention at any class in person, unless you're the only student. And then there's no promise the teacher will continue to help you after you left the classroom.

I've found the feedback given to students to be invaluable, so I cut and paste a lot of the information into a file so I can look back on it later. You get to see a lot of before and after photos to show how the lessons are applied to each collage.

Chris helps you figure out how to decide what elements go together and helps you makes sense of their arrangement. She covers color values, design, size, shapes, patterns, movement, lines, composition, backgrounds, transfers, copyright and much more.

Do you want to tell a story in your collage? Chris will show you how to do that. Is abstract more your style, Chris can help with that too. This class runs the gamut and will help you stop struggling when it comes to making the perfect collage.

There are 18 lessons and each one includes a PDF you can download and keep, plus at least one video lesson in high definition. Some lessons have two videos. 

The class also offers some free ephemera from Chris and Julie's private collections. Students offer invaluable links to find tons of free images all over the internet.

The supply list is so simple, you probably won't have to go out and buy anything new. Just use paint and other supplies you already own. 

The above canvas is one I've been struggling with and not sure how to fix. Here's the feedback Chris gave me: "Nina, Use some straight titan buff to soften the sharp angles first to integrate them into the composition and to marry them to your images. Then, go back in over the darker color with another lighter tone in the same family as the background, but thin it out with glazing liquid so that some of the dark still shows through. To get the lighter tone pick one of the yellow/golds and lighten it with Titan Buff and then cut it with 20 percent glazing liquid. Let me see it after you have done this."

I ask you, "Where else can you can that type of feedback?" So now, I'll take Chris's suggestions and repost the canvas and see what she says. Every lesson is like this!

Have I mentioned you get all of this for only $49?! Chris and Julie pack so much information into this class you get more than your money's worth. Plus, you can join the class at anytime. The last lesson will be posted on May 11th, 2010, but Chris and Julie will continue to give feedback anytime someone posts their work to the network.

If you love collage and paint, you don't want to miss this excellent online class! Sign up today by clicking here.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope to see you in the Complex Collage Network very soon! 

 Pink Lotus Collage: 10x11" on Paper, by Nina"Ruthie" Reeba, 
for sale, $50; with mat, glass & frame, $150.


  1. Thanks, Nina! The response to this class has been amazing...I hope that everyone who is interested in collage takes a look at the video...even if you already "do" collage....we can teach you how to make SPECTACULAR collage....and once you can do it again and again. :)

  2. Love your post....Julie is an amazing instructor!!

  3. Now that I have finally figured out where I can find time to watch online videos (while walking on my treadmill!) I might finally add this class. I sure hope that they will offer it again in the fall when I would be more caught up.
    Love what you have been doing Nina. You put so much thought into your work and it pays off!

  4. Nina, Thanks for the feedback...we hope to keep our students busy and satisfied!

  5. i can't wait for this class. However, I'm taking another one and can't get the lessons to download. You sound like patient people. Golden is my all time favorite. I'm ordering the book right now.

  6. Great job, That sounds like a good place to go for honest feedback. I can't seem to get that from family and friends. LOL

  7. I think I will join,to be honest, I havent had that sort of helpful feedback before and would love it!

  8. Your stuff is beautiful. KUDOS to Chris and Julie...They planted the seed, then watched it grow...what a tribute...geo

  9. Hi Nina, I came to visit by way of the spreadsheet we have been creating for Kelly Rae's "flying lessons" group. I came to your blog because of the name. I love it!!! I bet you'd like the sign in my room "I know I'm in my own little world but it's ok, they know me here".

    I will be checking out this collage course you're raving about too!

    Sending a smile, Chris (artplaywithchris)