Monday, June 21, 2010

My Lakers Are The NBA Champions 2010!

Today is the parade to celebrate the big win for the NBA Champion L.A. Lakers. I won't be attending (hate crowds), but I'm still celebrating and feeling the big win from Thursday night. 

A lot of people counted them out (haters, critics and band wagon fans), but I never doubted for a minute that my boys would win it all. I actually cried when they won and had a tough time getting to sleep that night. I haven't felt that happy in a very long time.

This was the 16th NBA championship win for the Laker franchise.
l to r; Sasha Vujacic, Derek Fisher, Kobe, Kareem Abdul Jabar

This was the second time Kobe Bryant won for MVP in the NBA finals and the fifth win for Kobe and Derek Fisher. Kobe calls Fish the "emotional leader" of the Lakers.
Kobe and Ray Allen
 Artest, Fish, Kobe
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Fisher

This was the first ring for Ron Artest.
Ron Artest gave one of the most exuberant and unusual post interviews on the court after the game; where he thanked his hood and his psychiatrist and promoted his new record!

Artest also had a pretty funny post game interview with his family. He entered the room yelling, "Wheaties!" and really had a blast. No one was keeping this guy from having the time of his life.

Of course none of this would have been possible without the great power forward, Pau Gasol. Everything turned around for the better when he joined the Lakers in 2007. Pau had an incredible series and played amazing basketball.
 Pau Gasol reacting to a field goal
Tony Allen wrestling Pau Gasol

Kobe and Pau hugging it out

Shannon Brown, Kobe, Artest

One of the highlights of the finals was Shannon Brown in Game 6 with the alley oop. Watch this!

The NBA coach with the most wins, Phil Jackson picked up his 11th title as coach. Artest called Phil the, "Zen Master" of the team. Hopefully his health will be good enough to endure a few more seasons with the Lakers.
Phil celebrating after Game 7 win

I have to give props to the Celtics. It's not like they didn't give it there all, but no amount of praying kept the title away from the Lakers. Lots of sad folks in green at Staples Center on Thursday night. But we can't all be winners. Obviously, someone has to lose.
 Maria Menounos and Dane Cook (this must've been taken in the first half of game 7 when they were winning.)

I never expected it to be a cake walk for the Lakers. The Celtics played hard, especially the big three; Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnet and Ray Allen. But it was Rajon Rondo who impressed me the most. That little dude was the most consistent of them all. Even in the beat down in Tuesday's game, Rondo came through. They wouldn't have made it to game 7 without him.
 l to r; Jason Farmar and Rondo
My "radio boyfriend" Luke Walton didn't play much in the finals, but I had to include a photo of him here.
Luke is in the center in the backwards black hat next to Bynum.
I would be remiss not to show some of the celebrities at Staples who showed up to watch our team win. I've only included celeb's who've I've seen attending games all season long.

Jack Nicolson
Hillary Swank
Diane Lane and Josh Brolin
Leonardo DeCaprio and Kevin Connely
David Spade, Chris Rock, Kevin James, Adam Sandler
Usher and Ryan Seacrest
Sean Combs and Snoop Dogg
Lenny Kravitz

If you missed it, the Lakers were on Jimmy Kimmel's show Friday night. Click here to watch the video's. It was wonderful to see them smiling and so relaxed - just having a good time with each other. They were in high spirits now that the stress of their hard work is behind them. Also, free-agent, Derek Fisher, announced he would indeed be signing on for another term with the Lakers.

I'm looking forward to Halloween when the pre-season begins and we do it all over again. Thank you Lakers, for a great season and a very entertaining playoff series! I hope you have a wonderful summer enjoying the fruits of your labor and all that damn money!

All of the photo's came from, The L.A. Times, AP, NBA, Reuters, and Fox5sandiego.


  1. that is not pau in the photo tagged....kobe and pau hug it out......

    1. Yeah, I thought it was Shasha. But I could be wrong as well... :)