Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, America! 4th of July 2010 in San Diego!

Today is the great American holiday where the original 13 colonies broke free from the shackles of English rule. We've been on our own for a remarkable 234 years. Thank you to everyone who has fought for our freedom!
"On this American independence day I am imagining a nation and world eventually free of racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, religious intolerance, disregard for the disabled, disrespect for the elderly, impatience with young people, and where things like poverty, hunger, homelessness, violence, greed, hate, and war don't exist. Until then, freedom is always a work in progress."—Kevin Powell

So how do we celebrate -- with lots of summer fun of course! Food figures prominently in most American holiday's and this one is no exception. It can include picnics and BBQ's with family and friends or the fabulous junk food on the last day of the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar.

Many towns have a parade down main street, while others pack the local beaches.

San Diego life guards are warning of high surf, up to seven foot swells; plus heavy rip currents, making it dangerous for swimmers. I predict only tourists will brave the ocean, since the water temps are only in the mid 60s! Brrrr! You can bet the surfers will be out in force. This is one of the few times I recall the lack of July-Fry.

Some folks take in a baseball game.

While other see a movie. Eclipse appears to be the blockbuster for this weekend.

My pal Katie (who just had a baby) ran a marathon this morning in Coronado!! (She's on the right in white.)

However you spend the day, most of us will make our way to the bays, beaches and parks to watch the biggest show of all - for free. Capping off the night with glorious fireworks is always fun.

Click here to find out where to watch fireworks in San Diego County. OoooOoooo! Aaaaaaaw!

Whatever you do, please stay safe! Plan ahead, give yourself plenty of time and be patient; because there will be huge crowds to contend with. And remember, it's supposed to be fun.

Please don't forget about your pets. They don't enjoy the fireworks like we humans do. Click here to read an article on keeping them safe.

Happy Fourth of July 2010!!


  1. Good 4th post Nina! Looks like you covered all the bases. Hope your day is going great. :)