Thursday, July 15, 2010

News & EventsThat Happened Since DSC's Last Show!

Did you hear the great news?! The DSC has a new job! We'll be back on the radio, August 2nd, on Jack 100.7 FM. You can read about it here. The DSC Show, (Dave Ricards, Shelly Dunn, Cookie "Chainsaw" Randolph, Chris Boyer, Emily Maguire and I, Ruth 66) got fired from KGB radio in San Diego, CA on Jan. 3, 2010. We've missed you all so much and can't wait to get back to work!

 We've also missed talking about a lot of good stuff, with our wonderful friends and listener's since we've been gone, so I've been keeping a list. Here are the major news stories from around the world, the U.S. and in San Diego; some pop culture stuff, celebrity bad behavior and of course -- celebrity deaths.


January 2010:

A major earthquake devastated Haiti.


Grammy Awards - with standout performances by Elton John  in his duet with Lady Gaga and also Pink. I blogged about it here.

February 2010:

Super Bowl 44 - The New Orleans Saints win their first Super Bowl and beat the Colts 31-17. Many of us rooted for The Saints just to see former San Diego Charger, Drew Brees finally get a ring.  (July - He also wrote a book, "Come Back Stronger." Plus, Drew and The Saints won big at the Espy awards!)

The Winter Olympics in Vancouver Canada; the U.S. won the most medals at 37. I was inspired by the color and blogged about it here. I really loved the whole thing and hated to see it end.

Molly, the wild barn owl, laid eggs and set up housekeeping in San Marcos with her partner McGee. 17 million viewers tuned in from all over the world to watch the family on a web cam through May. Please read my blog post about it here.

March 2010:

Oscar Awards - Sandra Bullock wins best actress, then finds out her husband has been cheating on her; hence keeping the Best Actress "Curse" intact. (They're now officially divorced.) We also learned she had secretly adopted a baby boy. I blogged about the Oscar's here.

The House Passes the Health Care Overhaul Bill. You can read about it here.

Poway teen, Chelsea King, was abducted while jogging in Escondido. The man who murdered her also confessed to killing Escondido teen, Amber Dubois last year. San Diego united in its support for the King family as Chelsea's death rocked our community. The King family is planning to leave the state.

Kendra Wilkenson Basket's sex tape was released. TMZ says Kendra tried to sell  it herself in 2008, but Vivid Entertainment bought it in May. She was said to be "devastated" by its release.
Oh brother... Meanwhile, she is now a best selling author on the New York Times Best Sellers List.

April 2010:

A 6.9 Earthquake hit east of San Diego on Easter Sunday. It was felt all over the county and shook us up, because it lasted 30 seconds! There was some damage in Baja, Mexico, but not in SD.

Brett Michaels had a brain hemorrhage and was in "grave" condition. A few weeks later he had a small stroke. But he recovered in record time and showed up for the American Idol finale, performed on the Grammy's and won Celebrity Apprentice. Now he's being considered for a job on AI as the new judge. He has a new album out in July and plans a world tour!

A BP Oil Rig explodes devastating the Louisiana gulf coast. Millions of gallons of oil continue to pour into the Gulf of Mexico everyday. The clean up is still going on, but the loss of lives and livelihoods is untold.

  Arizona Passes a Tough Anti Illegal Immigration Law.

  Ash Cloud from Iceland Volcano Shuts Down European Air Travel.

May 2010:

Betty White Hosted Saturday Night Live- Highest ratings in years and one of the funniest shows ever.  Her role also garnered an Emmy nomination.

Elena Kagan was nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court.

 June 2010:

The L.A. Lakers won the NBA Championship for the 2nd year in a row, beating the Boston Celtics. Read my blog post about it here.

 World Cup Soccer where the U.S. team played twice and caused a ton of excitement. Thousands of San Diegans packed local bars and restaurants to watch Spain win their first world title.

How anyone put up with those annoying vuvuzela horn's - I don't know. It made the games unwatchable for me. Ugh!


The best part of the World Cup was that Paul, the Oracle Octopus, correctly chose the winners for eight matches. He's seen here taking the lid off a glass container with the Spanish flag, to eat a mussel. How weird is that? The Germans threatened to eat Paul.

Larry King announced he would retire from his 25 year talk show on CNN. He said, if it were up to him, Ryan Seacrest would be his replacement. 

 Check out Letterman's Top 10 Reasons Why Larry is Retiring:  


July 2010:

Tiger Woods is set to pay his hot wife anywhere from $100 to $750 million in their divorce settlement.


Don Coryell died on July 1st without being inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. A public memorial was held at SDSU on the 12th.


San Diego had another earthquake! This one was 5.4 and centered near Borrego Springs.


Lindsey Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 90 days in rehab for violating her probation. She'll check in July 20th. The photo below show's her in court with an "eff you" message on her manicure.

Mel Gibson - an audio rant was released where he brutally berates his ex-girlfriend using profanity and racial slurs. He threatens to burn down her house, but only after she blo** him. He's already facing abuse charges and has a restraining order again him. His long time management company fired him and his career is probably over. You can listen to it at, but it's shocking to hear that level of hatred and verbal violence. He's officially lost his mind and has turned into his South Park caricature.


Riots broke out in Okland, CA after the involuntary manslaughter verdict came down for a white cop, who shot Oscar Grant, an unarmed black man.


LeBron James got huge ratings for a one hour show on ESPN, "The Decision," to announce he's leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat. His old jersey was burned by some angry fans and Cavs owner, Dan Gilbert, was fined $100K for his scathing letter to LeBron. You can read it here.

 Roman Polanski was released from Swiss custody.


July 15th: The DSC announce their new radio home! 

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Celebrities who have died so far this year in no particular order:


Corey Haim - Teen Idol (overdosed)


 Andrew "Boner" Koenig (suicide)


Merlin Olson (football player, commentator, actor)


Peter Graves (TV's Mission Impossible)


 Fess Parker (Daniel Boone)


 Robert Culp (I Spy)


 John Forsythe (Dynasty, Charlie's Angels)


Designing Woman, Dixie Carter


Georgy Girl, Lynn Redgrave


 Lena Horne, singer, actress, activist


 Ronny James Dio, (Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio)


 Brittney Murphy, followed 5 months later by her creepy husband, Simon Monjack.


 Art Linkletter, from Kids Say the Darndest Things


 Gary "What chu talkin' bout Willis" Coleman


 Dennis Hopper (w/Isabella Rossellini who is not dead.)


Golden Girl, Rue McClanahan


 Jimmy Dean, The Sausage King


 Dorothy Adelle DeBorba - Darla, on The Little Rascals 


Fashion Designer, Alexander McQueen, (suicide age 40)


Author, J. D. Salinger


Gumby Creator, Art Clokey

R&B Singer, Teddy Pendergrass

Author, Erich Segal

 Actress, Jean Simmons
 Yankee's Owner, George Steinbrenner
I'm sure we would have talked about a lot of other things as well, but I wanted to make a general list.  I'd love to hear your comments! Thanks for stopping by.... see you on the radio on Aug. 2nd. on Jack 100.7 in San Diego, CA wooohooooo!
The DSC reunited at Shell's house in March 2010


  1. I'm still waiting to hear how your Christmas breaks went!


    I'm so happy for you, Ruthie. :)

  2. So happy to hear you guys are coming back, I've been a listener since I was 14 yrs old, I'm now 31, have a crush on Emily and Love you guys, sure hope I can get jackfm in TJ, otherwise I'll listen on line.

  3. Congrats Ruthie! And kudos to you for hanging in there, making the most of it most days, and being honest when you've been struggling. Can't wait to hear you all on my morning drive. Do you know what time the first show will start?

  4. Excellent! Can't wait to find out what you all have been up to and the details of your firing (or as much as can be said). I named my GPS "Ruthie" because she gives good directions and traffic reports. Can't wait to start my day with the DSC again! Congrats! Woo Hoo! Boner Brr Brr!

  5. All I can say is my family can't wait!!! We have missed you guys!!!

  6. Elizabeth - Not sure I still remember Christmas!

    EvilGavo - Jack 100.7 FM has a strong signal - you should hear us fine, otherwise go to to listen!

    Sue - We'll be on from 6-10 am, same as before.

    Anonymous - Good name for a GPS- thank you!

    Anonymous - We've missed you guys too!

    Thanks for all the love and support!!

    Ruthie xoxo

  7. My husband and I listened to KGB on 103.3 from our house in Wildomar to the Border check point in Temecula, then would switch over to 101.5 from the Check point to Escondido. After you guys left I boycotted KGB, but my husband continued to listen to 103.3. I picked back up my favorite country station on KSON. We will be so happy to have one station to listen to again. Just don't know if I'll be able to get Jack FM in SW Riverside county. Can you check Ruth, to see if you'll have a sister company broadcasting your show Up North? Glad your your Show.

  8. I cannot say how STOKED i am to have you guys back!!!!

  9. Ruthie,
    Great to have you guys back see ya on the air August 2nd ..... Thanks 100.7 you have another new listener!
    Brian, (aka justanrpls)

  10. Don't forgot Phil Harris from the Cornelia Marie on Deadliest Catch.

  11. I was inspired by your show to pursue a career of my own in radio. Alas, by the time I got an opportunity at Clear Channel, your show had departed. I owe so much to the show and will continue as a loyal listener as I have been since 2006, all while continuing to pursue my radio career. LOVE YOUR SHOW!

  12. I live in Menifee and I've already checked and I can get 100.7 on my radio. No need to switch anymore.

  13. Maybe if Ruth can keep her inane liberal political views to herself at her new job we won't have to complain to her employer (again)and have the show cancelled (again).

  14. Are you kidding? So glad you are back Ruthie!! Love you and your show!!! :)

  15. don't be a puss...sign in "anonymous"...oh, or grow up. :)

  16. I love you Ruthie and the rest of the gang and this list is awesome. Everytime something in the world that did happen I would always think man what would DCS say about this, and the dude who thinks he got you guys cancelled is a lameo. I disagree alot of times with the views politically on the show but it is not what the show is about and I have learned a thing or 2 as well. This is a free freaking country for now so NEVER keep your views to yourself ! i love u !!!

  17. I agree, the only bad part of the old DSC show was Ruthie & Shelly's leftist/socialist views. Lets hope the new station puts a muzzle on them.

  18. Harden, seriously?! The repartee between Ruthie and Shelly's views and those of the others is what makes the show great. If you want muzzling, you need to move to a country where Free Speech is not the very first Amendment.

  19. Harden Long....really stupid play on a phrase to make inane comments

  20. Best thing about the show being cancelled off of KGB was getting to know you here and on FB. Even though you're not the most prominent voice in the PROGRAM, you are my favorite. And now I know why; we have a lot in common. I always knew your dreams would be realized. Thanks for being a winner Nina.

    Larry Cecil

  21. Harden, why do you SHUT YOUR BIG YAPPER!!

  22. Harden,
    So, only the conservative views of the guy should play? This show is for entertainment; it's not a political show. Different views are what is good about the show. I would never think of not listening to the show because I do not like Dave's, Chain's, or Boyer's views.

    Seriously, relax.


  23. 95% of the show was great, the ONLY complaint I ever had was the occasional left wing diatribe by the hens on the show. And because this is America, and because free speech applies to everyone, I will use my right of free speech to complain to both the station and the sponsors if they start down that path again. And, if enough people complain, the station will make the necessary changes. Thats the way the free market works. You see there is a reason there are so many successful conservative radio shows and no successful liberal radio shows.
    That being said, I would prefer they keep ALL of the political crap off of the DSC, it just ruins a good thing.

  24. Harden, why don't you quit making a fool of yourself. Your lack of an informed opinion reflects your questionable I.Q. Besides, this isn't the venue for your diatribe.

  25. Typical liberal response - you can't win the argument with facts, so you start with the personal attacks. Just drink your kool-aid and wait for the annointed one to save you with more government money.

  26. Harden, ever hear of the term 'entertainment'? Call and complain, call the sponsors too, but at the end of the day the yeas will outweigh the nays. Think I'm on the left, think again. I'm for free speech even if I don't like what I'm hearing. EVERYONE has that right. Those knobs and buttons on your radio work, use them if you don't like what you're hearing. Pretty frickin simple wouldn't you say?

  27. It's all so irrelevant. No one is going to change anyone's mind either way. What's that saying on opinions? Oh's just like a**h****, everyone's got one...
    So just sit back and enjoy DSC. We've all missed them! :)

  28. what is with these fucktards spewing hate on ruthie's blog? go somewhere else.

  29. If you do not like it, Harden, don't listen to it. End of story and please stop blaming everyone else for your hatred. And yes you have a right to complain, but how about doing it on a right-wing site. Ruthie’s site is about peace, love, and understanding. It is about showing us the beauty in the world, yet the only thing we are getting from you is ugliness. Don’t like Nina, move on… you will not be missed.

  30. BTW - I am a registered Republican

  31. Lighten up Fransis...err..Harden.

  32. I LOVE YOU RUTHIE!!!!! Even your bleeding-heart. You are like a friend tho we have never met. Can't wait to hear you on the 2nd. P.S. It is my birthday. You all did'nt have to do that just for me. Big kisses and can't wait til then.

  33. My only problem w/ the show was the right-wing/fascist views of Dave and Boyer. :0 See what I did there Harden? Oh and why right-wing hate radio is so successful? Maybe because reactionaries that blame all of their problems on minorities and homosexuals need someone to tell them it's not their fault while people w/ a more progressive outlook on life are too busy... Living their live.

  34. lol

    Is there seriously a guy trying to take credit for making some alleged calls regarding his disapproval of the political views of the DSC (well a couple of members of the DSC) and that these calls are what caused the show to be off the air?

    I know sometimes people say dumb things to try and troll blogs such as this but seriously that is really setting the bar for troll dumbness right there.

  35. Someone takes themselves a little too seriously...

  36. And has conned themselves into believing that a mere phone call can get a top rated (i.e., advertising $$$ generating) morning show taken off the air....ohhhhh MYYYYTYYY!

  37. Wow - controversy without my having said one word.

    Harden - won't you just agree to disagree and move along? You gave your opinion a few times already and no one here agrees with you. Please go someplace where your view is welcome. I don't come to your house/job/blog and hate on you, so I'm kindly asking you to stop posting on my blog. Thank you in advance.

    I don't expect everyone to like me or agree with me. I am just me. I honor my own spirit and try to have fun at the same time in an entertaining and honest, open way, as best as I can. I think it would be robotic and not very realistic if we all agreed with each other on every subject.

    I love what I do and I'm thrilled to have a new job where I am appreciated. One hater won't spoil it for me. I focus on all the love and support, rather than on the negative. Living that way makes me feel happy a majority of the time.

    Thanks to all my defenders and protectors! Love you guys and look forward to chattin' it up with you on Jack 100.7 FM!

    Love Your Show, - Ruth 66

  38. Well said ruthie, you are loved by us all. And of course "LOVE YOUR SHOW"

  39. 'Atta girl,Ruthie!!!!!!!

  40. Harden,
    Do you really think JACK would put them back on the air, if it was going to cost them advertisements. Do you think people are not listening... Just stick with FOX Cable, and you can feel happy.

  41. That's right, darlin'!!! Keep focusing on the good and leave the negativity behind! Love you and love your show!

  42. Great response're a class act!! Looking forward to live DSC on Aug 2nd!!

  43. HEAR HEAR RUTHIE!!! Anyone who listened to the show regularly knows that you don't agree with each other all the time, but you all have a healthy respect for each other's viewpoints. The world would be a dismal, boring place if we were all the same. Looking forward to hearing you all again! Love your show!!!

  44. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  45. All weekend huh? Well I guess it doesn't take much to entertain such a small and closed mind. But I must say, I think WE got far more entertainment out of your delusional belief that YOU will be able to muzzle their speech by making some phone calls. Enjoy la-la land buddy. Oh and it's "you liberals' buttons" since there is more than one. Of course I'm sure in your mind anyone slightly to the left of Adolf is a liberal.

  46. Love that the DSC is Baaack!!! LYS

    PS - Harden Long's first name is Iwishitwould

  47. Excellent, that was quite a wait! Now I can stop stalking Ruth!

    H the G

  48. Harden? Is that you, Boyer????

  49. I'm soooo excited but sad that Shelly can't be there on the 2nd... Is there any word about having her come on as a "guest?"

  50. I obviously missed it.......why can't Shel make the debut?

  51. "Guest"?!? Where's Shelvis? Can't have the dSc w/out the S!

  52. She is still under contract with Clear Channel till the end of the year.

  53. Whew! What a lot to read and get through...but bottom line, once again, is that we all LOVE you Nina/Ruthie, and can't wait to hear you together again...and no matter how long it takes for you all to be back together, we'll keep waiting and listening.

  54. Well done Ruthie! Glad to have the DSC to guide me to work again.. Welcome back!

  55. I love you and your views Ruthie! Welcome back1