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Emmy Awards 2010: Modern Family, Mad Men, Temple Grandin, Hot Chicks and Ugly Dresses

 I love watching TV and definitely love award shows!  13 million TV sets were tuned in to watch the 62nd Annual Emmy Awards, Sunday night, Aug. 29th - the largest audience since 2006. TV's most coveted prize was handed out at the Nokia Theatre in Hollywood, to a packed house and much fanfare.

HBO took home the most statues, 25, including top honors for one of my favorite movies; Temple Grandin. It almost swept the movie or mini-series category with five Emmy's; including Claire Danes picking up Best Actress, David Strathairn Best Supporting Actor, Julia Ormond Best Supporting Actress, plus Best Directing and Best Movie. Please click here to read about the fascinating life of this inspiring woman. This is a must-see movie and one of the most meaningful things I've ever seen on TV.

Claire Danes

  David Strathairn

Julia Ormond

The real life Temple Grandin

Modern Family took home the most awards, six, including Best Comedy Series. It's the first ABC comedy to be named the best in 20 years, breaking the three year winning streak of 30 Rock.

Cast of Modern Family
The gorgeous Sophia Vergara

Eric Stonecrest won for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy
I love that he brought his Mom along as his Plus-1!

The Dad from Modern Family wins for Worst Dressed Man and he and his wife win for Worst Dressed Couple. I saw Ty asking Wanda Sykes to feel his blanket fuzzy, gray tux, so maybe it was soft; but what about those awful brown shoes?!?!?! And the pom pom's on that dress are laughable.

 George Clooney
He took home the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award

 One of the best skits on the show was the cast of Modern Family fantasizing about George Clooney being added to the cast. Click here to watch the cute video.

Jane Lynch, Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy
Sue Sylvester on Glee

I love Glee! It was nominated for 19 awards, but sadly took home only three including; Best Directing for it's creator.  

 Neil Patrick Harris, Guest Actor in a Comedy, Glee

 Lea Michele, looking glam in navy blue on her 24th birthday

 Matthew Morrison (Will Shuster - teacher)

 Cory Monteith (Finn - the singing, jock)

Mark Salling (Puck - the bad boy)
 Kevin McHale (Arty) who looks eerily like the old guy from the 6 Flags commercials.

 Dianna Argon (Quinn - the knocked up Cheerio)

Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon w/Glee

One of the highlights of the show included the opening musical number with a very funny skit featuring the kids of Glee doing a mashup of Born in the USA with Jimmy Fallon. Tons of other stars were in it like, Betty White, Jon Hamm, Joel McHale, Hurley from Lost, Tim Gunn and Kate Gosslin. It's worth watching again.

 Jimmy Fallon, host of the 2010 Emmy's, surprised me and did an admirable job.

Archie Panjabi, Best Supporting Actress, Drama, The Good Wife

Al Pacino, Best Actor in a Movie, You Don't Know Jack, HBO

Edie Falco, Best Actress in a Comedy, Nurse Jackie on Showtime

Jim Parsons, Best Actor in a Comedy, The Big Bang Theory

Betty White, Guest Actess in a Comedy, SNL

John Lithgow,  Best Guest Actor in a Drama, Dexter

Kyra Segdewick, Best Actress in a Drama, The Closer

 Bryan Cranston, Best Actor in a Drama, Breaking Bad on AMC

 Aaron Paul, Best Supporting Actor in a Drama, Breaking Bad

Best Reality Show Competition - Top Chef on Bravo

My favorite drama on TV is Mad Men and it took home two awards; Best Writing and Best Drama Series. It's in it's fourth season on AMC and deserves these awards. Every week, I marvel at the way people use to drink at work and smoke everywhere, even in hospitals. This show is not predictable, thanks to the terrific writing, but also has stellar acting, costumes, music and characters.

The wonderful women of Mad Men, January Jones, Elizabeth Moss and Christina Hendricks or Betty, Peggy and Joan

Jon Hamm with Betty White

Cast of Mad Men

January Jones - #1 Worst Dressed ACCK! The mini-cone bra, ill fitting dress and the fresh-out-of-bed hair are not up to her usual class and elegance. This dress is definitely wearing her.

Alas, a lot of stars didn't hire stylists this year, so there were plenty of ugly outfits and unflattering dresses. I don't understand it when stars work so hard to get smoking hot bodies and then wear dresses that don't play up their strengths. When a dress looks as if it's wearing the woman, it's never good. So here are my worst dressed nominees.

My girl Sookie, Anna Paquin from True Blood looks ready for the bullfights here.
The usually classy Glen Close looks awful in this unflattering dress. Makes you look right at her belly!

Kristin Wig is hilarious on SNL, but this dress makes me laugh at her and not with her. The hair is bad too.

Lauren Graham - What the heck is this mess?

Rita Wilson - Did you look in the mirror? Makes you look prego, hon.

Now for the Best Dressed!
Maria Menounous looks fabulous from the front AND back!

Claire Danes - picture perfect!

Jane Lynch - nice to see her looking girly in this purple vision of loveliness.

Kim Kardashian - Greek Goddess anyone?

Brooke Burke - a wowzer in white!

Eva Longoria - looks like a movie star should!

Kelly Osbourne - She's come a long way since her MTV days.

 Mariska Hargitay - very glam for beige

Sofia Veragara - just WOW!

Jewel - very feminine

Tina Fey - some criticized this, but I like it a lot.

Heidi Klum - many criticized this one, because it's so short, but I think she pulls it off with those gams.

Kerry Russel - pretty in pink - young, fresh and summery.

Now for the couples of the night.

Newlyweds Emily Blunt and John Krasinki

Married for 21 yrs, Kyra Sedgewick and Kevin Bacon

Conan O'Brien and wife

Michael C. Hall and wife (she plays his sister on Dexter)

Neil Patrick Harris and longtime boyfriend

NBA Star Tony Parker with wife Eva Longoria

Tracy Morgan and wife

Brooke Burke and hubby David Charvet

Newlyweds Anna Pacquin and Steven Moyer from True Blood

Jon Hamm and long time gf Jennifer Westfeldt

Old married couple, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson
Seal and Heidi

Wanda Sykes and wife

That wraps it up for another year for the TV folks. I'll keep watching and sorting through the bad stuff to find the worthwhile programs. Make sure to watch Joan Rivers and pals on the E! channel for the Fashion Police segment that critiques the Emmy Awards Show. Until next year ... see you on the radio!

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  1. I was looking forward to your post on Emmy fashions and it did not disappoint! I concur all around. I know strapless is THE thing and has been for quite a few years, but a strapless dress has to fit absolutely PERFECT with the right shape for your girls to look good. I applaud the one shoulder look, and I'm a fan of halter style with the dropped back. Case in point: MY best dressed pick, Maria Menounous! Simply fantastic! Of all the strapless looks, Clare Danes and Brooke Burke pulled it off. God Bless Kelly Osbourne. Ever since she appeared on Dancing with the Stars she has really grown up. She gets the Most Improved Award for sure.

    As for the bad ones we love to hate, you bagged them all here. Lauren, honey! What WERE you thinking! Rita, that dress wasn't even GOOD bad, like Bjork's swan. It was just plain BAD bad.

    What's next, Golden Globes I think? Can't wait Ruthie! Love YOUR SHOW!