Monday, August 2, 2010

Welcome Back DSC to Jack-FM!

Here's  most of the things you need to know about our new radio show!

Dial position: 100.7 FM

Call letters: KFMB-FM

Call the DSC: 1-888-570-1007

San Diego Cox Cable channel:  958

Main website:

Email our show:

Email me on the show:

DSC web page:
Listen to online streaming:

Jack-FM on Facebook:

Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw Fan page on Facebook:!/group.php?gid=28359244050&ref=ts

Bring Back Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw Fan page on Facebook:!/bringbackdsc?ref=ts

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DSC on Twitter:

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Station address:

The DSC Show
7677 Engineer Road
San Diego, CA 92111

Members of The DSC:
Dave Rickards - Our Fearless Leader
Cookie "Chainsaw" Randolph - Dean of America's Sport Network
Chris Boyer - Drummer
Ruth 66 - Side Kick
Emily J. Maguire - Producer Extraordinaire& Traffic Reporter

Jack-FM Online Message Board:

Download the podcast:

Questions? Ask away!

Enjoy! Love Your Show - Ruthie xoxo


  1. Today is my birthday. Having you guys back is a great present!

  2. Which bits were lost in "the divorce"?

  3. How about the constant comments on the facebook page?

  4. Good idea E! I added 2 fan pages on Facebook!