Sunday, July 26, 2009

More on Karen O'Brien's Mythical Creature Workshop

I wanted to show you some of the process that went into making our pieces. We painted on two pieces of 9X12 watercolor paper, 140lbs. We tore them in half after the initial paint and collage were done. She gave us vintage text pages and some small plants and flowers to cover some of the base color and white paint. We monoprinted two other colors and used found objects and stamps to add more color and texture. I'm showing the two torn pages I have leftover and two new images I need to copy on a laser printer. I'll show you the finished pieces when I put them all together. I love the process of many layers going over and under the creature image. I also love having no clue what the final outcome will look like. Learning to love the process is one of life's great recipe's as well as art's! 

Here are the finished pieces:

I added more paint to the backgrounds and painted details on the critters and viola!

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