Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mixex Media Collage and Painting Class 04/09

Back in April, 2009, I took a Mixed Media Art Class in Escondido at Stampfully Yours, taught by Julie Prichard . We completed two 8x10 paintings on Wood Board Boxes. We used vintage text and music paper, the wonderful new line of studio acrylic paints by Claudine Helmuth, stabilo pencils, rubber stamps, with a stencil on one and a mask on another. It was an ambitious workshop, but Julie is an excellent, organized teacher and marched us through it so everyone finished their pieces in three hours. I'm really happy with how mine turned out.
I'd love it if Julie taught another class at Cat's again soon!
Both of these have been sold.


  1. I only know STAMPING DETAILS in Poway, so you're going to have to "introduce" me to this other venue. I can hardly wait! THIS CLASS you took looks fabulous - let's petition Julie to offer it again !! I'm there, girl, I'm there. See you tomorrow ... Davi

  2. Stampfully-Yours in Escondido is a few doors away from The Escondido Arts Partnership Municipal Gallery. That's the same place where we took Lisa Bebi's class last month. Stop by and say hi to Cat - she's a cool woman! Her hubby Mike is a big fan of the show and also took Julie's class with me!

  3. Thanks, Nina! I'm going to have to issue you a 1099 now =)

  4. Congratulations on the "birth" of your new blog! I love seeing all your art work on here and can't wait to see what you will be posting about in the future. Have fun in Chris' classes and share what you do in there with us soon.

  5. Thanks, Deborah! I'm really happy I set this up and having fun catching up by posting my past art classes and other works.

    Chris's Fabric/paint/collage Layering Class was incredible! I have a few finishing touches to make on the piece I made, but I'm really happy with it. I anticipated catching the fabric bug and I sure did. Heading to Joanne's in Poway after the Sgraffito Class on Sunday so I can make more. Diane and I want to teach you and Sally how to make these - on Thursday if you want.

  6. Lovely creations from that class. I gave you a follow deary!