Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Sgrafitto Paintings Are A Big Hit!

Today I sold this set of three Sgrafitto Paintings!

A co-workers lovely wife was interested in the first painting shown here. I told her they were created as a set of three and brought all five to show her how they looked together. She liked them so much, she bought the set! Thanks a million, Michelle and Steve!
The two paintings you see below were also created as a set. I will sell them separately or together. Write me an email, leave a comment below or see them in person while they're on display at Hairspray Salon in Hillcrest. Click here for more info on my favorite salon, Hairspray, run by an adorable couple, Shawn and Annie. They're big fans of The DSC on KGB-FM and great people. I love spending my money there, because they create a really fun atmosphere. And of course they do great hair and brows. Say hello to my stylist, the gorgeous redhead, Ann, while you're there. She's loves the show too. Some of my sober brothers also work there.
For Sale
For Sale either separately or as a pair.

I painted all five of these during a class taught by the incredibly talented Chriz Cozen . I learned about Sgrafitto that day at Stamping Details in Poway. Chris provided numerous Golden mediums including: fiber paste, light and coarse molding gels, fine pumice and acrylic grounds for pastels. Each one was painted on an 8"x8". We started by painting two colors of Golden liquid acrylics on each half of each canvas. We mostly used our palette knives, instead of paint brushes.
Check out Chriz Cozen's website here. You can find her upcoming workshops in Southern California, see her art and read more about this astonishing artist. Please don't hesitate to take a class from her! Click here to see her two books on Amazon. Her third book is due in October 2009 and it's for fabric artists. A few of the reviews calls her books "brochures" because of the number of pages, but she packs in more information than you'll ever need. They're excellent for beginner's as well as experienced artists alike.
I was so happy making these canvases! Please enjoy and leave a comment to let me know what you think.


  1. That class was so much fun, wasn't it? Nice photos of your work, Nina! Love your new blog.

  2. Nina- I love them! The fourth picture down is my favorite- fantastic!

    I second what you said about Chris's books..they are 100% fluff. Perfect and afordable too!

  3. Nina, these are terrific! I love the bold colours and would love to have a go at this! It looks so much fun! =)

  4. Congratulations, Nina! It's a real thrill to have someone respond so postitively to what you loved creating! I wish you many colorful more paintings and more sales...I'm glad to have shared my techniques with you and share your enthusiasm.

  5. Thank you Diane, Julie, Rosie and Chris!

    I'm working on two more of these on 10x10 canvases as we speak! These techniques are SO much fun to do. Figuring out what color combinations work together is the most fun I've had in ages. Can't wait to show you more!