Monday, August 3, 2009

I Popped My Fabric Cherry!

I actually did it. I created a piece of art with paint, collage, foam stamps and .... fabric! I had been avoiding using fabric in my art, because it was just one more thing to buy. God knows, I push my art budget already. But I knew it was bound to happen, because I'm very attracted to gorgeous material of all kinds. I'm thrilled I took a chance and even more excited that artist Chris Cozen was the one to bust my fabric cherry! (Can you tell I work with boys?!)

I was so happy during her Mixed Media Layering Class on Friday at Stamping Details in Poway. The process of building many layers, made up of: deli wrap paper, netting, ribbon, diaphanous materials and cotton swatches, was too much fun.

Deli paper was used as the base and a heavy piece of cotton was adhered to that. We used Golden polymer matte medium to attach the materials on top of each other and stick it down. After I was satisfied with my design, I used Golden liquid acrylic paints and painted foam stamps, which I stamped on my fabric collage. The final details were added with Golden interference and metallic paints to create depth and shading to my piece. I'm really pleased with the results.

I was so overjoyed making this collage, I made my first fabric purchase at Joanne's and picked up enough cloth to make many more. Hopefully, I'll made another one tomorrow at my weekly painting session at Sally's lovely home in La Jolla, CA.


  1. THAT, Nina.... is just gawgeous!! I love fabric and collage so much and I'm so happy for you that you enjoyed it!! =)

    Now, what you gonna do with it?

  2. clap, clap, clap what a gorgeous piece of fabric you have created.
    :)Bea (LayerLove classmate)

  3. Textures, patterns... just so lovely... great colors and I gotta ask...

    ... can I touch it? ;)

  4. Thanks, girls!

    Rosy - I'm going to adhere it to a 12x12 canvas and hang it up. Chris suggested adding clips to the two top corner and hanging it from a fancy string of some type.

    Ashiagu - It's very pliable to the touch. It bends and everything!

  5. Beautiful colors and texture. I assume the deli wrap was to hold the fabric in place when you are applying the paint.Neat!