Wednesday, September 2, 2009

PA Vacation Musings

I had a wonderful one week vacation in Williamsport, PA reconnecting with my immediate family. One of the highlights was visiting the Farmer's Market in Lewisburg. I think Amish people are cute and dang, they grow the best veggies in town. These tomatoes tasted even better than they looked. I could bite into them like an apple.

These peaches were super juicy and sweet! I wish I could have remembered my recipe for cold peach soup. So refreshing and good for my sweet tooth.

My sister Melanee goes to this Farmer's Market every Wednesday, so we bought lots of yummy things for dinner that night. She's taken photo's like these before and she says they look at her like she's weird, but if they could see these lovely pics, they might be able to appreciate her artistic eye.
We bought some organic sweet corn on the cob which was picked that morning. It was so good, it didn't even need butter! Truly. This Mennonite girl blushed when I asked to take her picture.

Who doesn't love sunflowers?! Looking at this pic I wonder why I didn't buy any. We removed the price tag, but I remember they were cheap. In fact, all of the prices I saw at this Farmer's Market were incredibly cheap. My sister says the sellers stay competitive to sell as much of their products as possible. Prices in San Diego are out of control, so this was a real treat for me.

The thing I miss most when I travel outside of San Diego is Mexican food.

Owner/Chef Ted Biernstein (I went to Lewisburg High with him.)

I moved out of PA in 1977 and this was the first visit where I found not one, but two, excellent Mexican restaurants! If you're in Williamsport, PA, don't miss Ozzie and Mae's downtown. Click here for details. In Lewisburg, check out Buffalo Bill's on Rt. 15. I went to high school with the owner/chef, Ted Biernstein. Don't let the outsides fool you. It looks as if it might just serve bar food, but no way. The Tex-Mex recipes are outstanding. Excellent beans and homemade salsa too. Click here for the scoop. Tell Ted that "Nina in San Diego" sent you!
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  1. At our Sat. morning Farmer's Market there is a Amish stand that just sells pies. OH MY GOD, I think I could eat one of their pies for all three meals and snacks. I know that's probably lard in the pie crust but it's what makes it the best pie crust I've tasted since my Grammy made me pies. Great pictures! :)Bea

  2. I meant to have a slice of Shoe Fly pie while I was there, but missed out. Can't get it anywehre else.

  3. Hi Ruthie!
    I heard about your blog on the show this morning and had to check it out. WOW! Am I impressed! Your art is beautiful and very impressive! I had no idea you did this "on the side" of the show. That's awesome! The only painting I've ever done is some "Bob Ross" style stuff. I've decided I'm much better with a camera.

    Have a great day, and I look forward to more of your blog!

  4. Hey Ruthie- thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comment. I'm always there on Wed. in case you make it over the bridge one of these days. Take it easy and don't take any crap from Dave. j/k... I know he loves ya.