Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Celebration Continues for The Blue Bombers!

These photo's were taken from the website The sheer joy on the boys faces immediately after their win, makes me smile every time I look at them.
I've taken a bit of teasing from my friends that I vacationed in Williamsport, PA during the week of the Little League World Series, where my hometown was playing -- and I didn't even go to a game. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know hahaha. I watched it on TV like most of the rest of the world, despite being three minutes away. I was staying with my sister Melanee who lives in South Williamsport, just down the road from the Robert Lamade Little League World Series Stadium. I was excited to cheer on the kids from Park Lane Little League in Chula Vista, which is just south of San Diego.

Here's a photo of the some of the folks in San Diego County cheering for The World Champs. The team was front page news and the feel good story of the summer here in San Diego. Most of the TV newscasts led with the story of the boys come from behind win, as they beat Taiwan-China on 08/30/09. I was thrilled for them and so happy they received so much support to finance the trip. The Blue Bombers never gave up and created memories that will last a life time.
San Diego Padre Adrian Gonzales

The boys had to come down to earth when they returned home from Williamsport and went back to school; but they were treated like rock stars. The authorities let the boys skip school on Monday, so they could meet and hang out with the San Diego Chargers.
They also had dinner with their hero, San Diego Padre Adrian Gonzales, who also hails from Chula Vista.
The Blue Bombers were greeted by 9,000 screaming fans at a small stadium in the South Bay. Comedian/actor George Lopez was there to welcome the team home and gave each of the boys an I-touch. You can watch a fun video of George and the boys here.
Thursday night, the whole team appeared on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien.
The San Diego Padres will welcome the team to batting practice on September 12. The Padres will also host the Park View Little League team at PETCO Park before their game against the Rockies. Players will arrive in limos, get a clubhouse tour, meet the Pads, watch batting practice and get a few swings in themselves.
Thank you boys, for the smiles, the joy and all the excitement you generated. Watching you live your dreams made a lot of people very happy. As a town, we're very proud of you kids!

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  1. Our kids! I'm so happy for them. Ruth you were so ridiculously cute on today's show. Are you going to nert Halloween songs this year? Like Ozzy songs? :)