Monday, December 28, 2009

Wanna Be Italian for 2 hours? Go See, "Nine!"

I had the pleasure of seeing four, very different, but enjoyable movies over my Christmas vacation. Today I'll review, "Nine."

First of all, I love all things Italian and have always been attracted to Italy. This film is set in the early 1960's so it has everything you might expect: cool clothes, a cute Alpha Romeo sports car and fabulous architecture. This movie is loaded with style! It looked gorgeous and was filmed beautifully. I wanted to BE Italian and felt as if I was for the whole two hours.

   Nicole Kidman and Daniel Day-Lewis in the Alpha Romeo

The music is fantastic, with juicy horn sections and upbeat rhythms. I found myself humming as I left the theatre. I'm not usually a big fan of musicals, but I loved this movie. Make sure to listen to Kate Hudson singing, "Cinema Italiano," here.  It also shows fab clips from the film. These actors sang really well, unlike in "Mama Mia," where I loved the songs, but didn't enjoy the singing voices.

                                Kate Hudson

             Daniel Day-Lewis and Kate Hudson

"Nine" made me fall in love with Daniel Day-Lewis all over again. True, he's not as hot as he was in his younger days, but it's refreshing to see an actor who hasn't had plastic surgery that makes him unrecognizable. He's such a fantastic actor no matter what role he plays. And I rejoiced that he's in every scene in this movie!

                      Daniel Day-Lewis and Marion Cotillard

His character plays a movie director/writer who has to start shooting his latest film, but has no script and no clue what his movie is about. His muse is dead. His life is out of control. Marion Cotillard plays his perfect wife, who he's cheating on with Penelope Cruz. I thought Cruz was stunning and really surprised me with her excellence. She had the stand out role and practically stole the show.

Penelope Cruz

Our anti-hero has a vivid imagination, which we get to see every time he's talking to one of the cast members. Nicole Kidman, Judi Dench, Cotillard, Cruz, Hudson, Fergie, Loren and Day-Lewis himself are each featured in song and dance numbers. I loved all of them! Dench plays his long time friend and costume designer and she's fabulous as always.

             Judi Dench and Daniel Day-Lewis

Sophia Loren plays his mother, while Fergie plays a wanton woman from his childhood. Kate Hudson plays a fashion journalist and Nicole Kidman plays the lead of his movie.

                             Sophia Loren

Nicole Kidman and Daniel Day-Lewis

I smiled during the entire movie and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Sure, all of the women are wearing sexy costumes and look hot as hell, but the character of each one is portrayed in a way that it's not just T&A. It's the out-of-gas director who sees them as such in his colorful mind's eye.  He's frustrated and despondent, yet envisioning the most glorious eye candy. The moral of this story is: get your life in order and appreciate what you have and things will fall into place.

Anthony Minghella wrote this wonderful screenplay, but died a few days after he finished it. I hope he got to watch the finished product from the great beyond. Rob Marshall directed this magnificent movie and I hope he wins a Best Director's nod, because he did a masterful job.

I loved the story, loved the characters, loved the acting, loved the music/songs/dancing, loved the style and overall loved this movie. It made me want to buy the CD so I could feel this way every time I heard it. This would make an excellent date movie, because you're sure to leave the theater feeling good.

You can get an idea of the incredible style of this movie by watching a long version of the trailer here.

I'm interested to know what you thought of, "Nine," so please leave me a comment. If you disagree, I'd like to hear that as well.

I also saw, "It's Complicated," "Avatar," and "The Young Victoria." I'll review those later. Thanks for visiting my blog!  xoxo

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