Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010!

What are my goals for 2010?  I have two categories.

                                      ART GOALS:

1) Learn to draw pretty girl faces with Suzi Blu! I'm enrolled in her online class. Click here to learn more about it

                   Mixed Media painting by Suzi Blu

2) Monthly art classes and workshops - here's what I'm planning so far for January 2010:

2a) Watermedia Painting - A Contemporary Approach With Helen Shafer Garcia at the Fallbrook School of the Arts.



                        by Claire-Lise Matthey Anderegg

                     all paintings by Jane Lafazio

2c) Attend the opening of a group show, featuring my friend Lisa Bebi on Jan. 19th at 5:45 pm. at Bard Hall in the Unitarian Church in Hillcrest.

   painting by Lisa Bebi

2d)  Taking an online class with Chris Cozen and Julie Prichard, although details aren't posted yet.

paintng I did in a class by Chris Cozen at Stamping Details

painting I did in online class by Julie Prichard

2e) Taking a few classes in Feb. with Chris Cozen at Stamping Details in Poway, although info isn't posted yet.

3)  Paint with watercolors and acrylics regularly
4)  Do lots of collages and collage paintings
5)  To learn to draw other things besides faces
6)  Learn calligraphy
7)  Work in my Art Journal more often
8)  Sell more paintings
9) Display my work in a gallery
10) Make and access monthly art goals
11) Blog as often as possible
12) To get my work published

Personal Goals:
1) Take better care of myself 
2) Stay in The Now
3) Read the whole Twilight series of books
4) Be more organized
5) Take risks by stepping out of my comfort zone
6) To be the best person I can possibly be!

                            Handmade card by me

All of that will definitely keep me busy! What are your goals for 2010? I'd love to hear about them in any comment you care to leave. Please click on the above links to see more work by the artists I've mentioned.  Have a healthy, happy, prosperous New Year in 2010! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Humph! My post disappeared. SO like I was saying .. :-) ... I intend to MAKE more art in 2010 - to take advantage of the nifty art spaces here at home, and to not just make art when I am in a workshop. I have all the same PERSONAL goals as you, Nina; well, except for one. I've already read the 4 books in the Twilight series! And I might add this to my list: to make sure I spend more time with my ART BUDDIES in the new year. The relationships I'm forming through taking art classes are precious to me. HAPPY NEW YEAR, you. xoxo - Davi

  2. Awesome goals!! And my gosh I'm jealous of the classes. I checked out the online ones and I may be tempted. Beautiful artwork. I really like the one you did in Julie Prichard class.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Lots and lots of goals!! Sound great though. I remember KGB radio from when I was in high school in El Cajon. We listened to KGB OR KCBQ. Small world.

  4. You know..I never write goals down or make resolutions.. I usually have ideas in my head and work through them one at a time. Thanks for the mention too. :)

    Chris and I will post our class info on Jan 8th..stay tuned. :)

  5. Ooh ooh I want to take that watercolor class too! And Im looking forward to seeing your portrait faces. xoxo

  6. Now that is a list full of fun, learning, growing, arting, sharing, and much more! Have FUN! The Twilight books are wonderful fast reads!

  7. That's a great list Nina!!

    Happy New Year to you

    aka mama cat @ the collagecat group.

  8. I like it!

    Happy New Years!


  9. I've considered setting goals for my art, but I've been dealing with a depression so deep that even creating doesn't want to touch it. So I am hesitant to set goals I know I probably won't meet. I'm going to subscribe to your blog so I can watch you as you fulfill yours, though, especially drawing pretty faces. Something I'd love to know how to do. Oh, and the Twilight series, excellent fun reading!

    Happy and safe New Year!

  10. Happy New year! we have lots of goals in common.I plan to take Misty Mawn's faces class and fabulous faces with willow and Mysteles gut art . Oh and I loved the twilight series!! Can't wait to see what you do in the new year.

  11. thank you for mentioning me. i to want to take some of these workshops. i have already taken many by claire lise's workshops and LOVE them. i have always wanted to take a class by the incredibly talented helen shafer garcia. it would be awesome to learn something about how she handles watercolor - takes finesse, i'm sure.
    nina, i hope to get to know you better in the coming year. you are a dear - a very generous spirit and i would love to go see the next movie you wanna see. love love loved you review. it was yum

  12. I love your goals!! What an exciting year you will have.

  13. I'm with you Nina. I want to take more classes and get more comfortable with all kinds of mixed media arts. I also look forward to spending more time with our group. It's fun, entertaining, inspirational and educational. With that in mind, I hope to see you soon. xo

  14. Well, you are off to a great start on the new year! I love your positive attitude!

  15. thanks for the mention Nina!Glad you're going to take another workshop of mine. And Claire-Lise and Helen, both good friends of mine. I'm so glad you've found ART!!! and are embracing it full on!
    Happy New Year!