Thursday, January 14, 2010

Despite Losing My Job, I've Registered for New Art Classes!

Two Black Birds: 8x10”, Wood Panel
From Julie’s Prichard’s Real Time Class in March/09

Despite losing my job last week, I decided to go ahead and register for some art classes. I had planned on signing up for these before I lost the best radio job I’ve ever had on 01/03/10. It was on my list of art goals for 2010, so I can't shorten the list this soon in the year. I know they are an investment in my future and will bring me so much joy in the present. I am staying positive and have a ton of hope about my future!

Two of my favorite teachers, Julie Prichard and Chris Cozen, have teamed up and are teaching an online class all about color. I have taken real time classes with each of them, so I could not allow myself to miss this exciting opportunity. This class is all about color.

Lesson 32: 8x10”, Wood Panel
From Julie’s Prichard’s Real Time Class in March/09.

If you aren’t familiar with Ms. Cozen, she’s a working artist for Golden Acrylic Paints and this woman knows color! I am 100% certain my knowledge of color will go through the roof by the time I’m finished with their lessons. The first video lesson will be posted Jan. 24th, but you can register anytime.

Click here to read about the online class, watch a video with Chris and Julie, check out the supply list and sign up for it yourself.

Lesson 8: 9x12" Stretch Canvas
From Julie Prichards Online Class, Layered Love, July/09

I also signed up for Chris Cozen’s weekend classes at Stamping Details in Poway, which is in North San Diego County, CA. It's slated for the last weekend in Feb. 26, 27 and 28, 2010.

Here's a run down on the classes being offered:
Fri. 02/26 pm - Developing your Backgrounds: Layering Color over Color
Sat.02/27 am - Design Elements in Mixed Media Applications; Sat.02/27 pm - Collage Composition & Construction
Sun. 02/28 am - Deconstructed Screen Printing on Paper & Fabric.

Texture Painting #1: 8x8" Stretched Canvas 
from Chris Cozen’s class Aug/09
For sale: $100

I’m taking the first three classes, which looks as if I’ll have six completed paintings to show for it. I’d love to take the fourth class on Sunday as well, but didn’t think I should push it. If you’d like to make a donation to my art education, please email me at to make arrangements. You’ve always wanted to become a benefactor to the arts haven’t you?!

Texture Painting #2: 8x8" Stretched Canvas 
from Chris Cozen’s class Aug/09.
For Sale: $100

Chris Cozen has written two books and is expecting her third publication to be for available for sale sometime next month. I own both and cherish them. They aren't thick books, but each page is jammed packed with more information than most books have with three times as many pages.

I also found out about a FREE online Watercolor Class!!
Click here for the link

I'm so happy and very grateful there are so many wonderful teachers living and working in San Diego! My sister Melanee lives in a small town in PA and therefore, doesn't have access to great teachers like I do. But she's taking Julie and Chris's class with me. It will be fun to paint with her again, even though it's online and not in person. I wish she would win the lottery so she could move to San Diego too!!

Fabric Circles Aug. 2009
from Chris Cozen’s class Aug/09
For Sale: $75

I hope you are fulfilling your Art Goals for 2010 and living an authentic, artistic life too! Stay positive and thanks for visiting my blog.


  1. What eye candy! All those saturated colors. Mmm-mm. Thank you for the information and the links!

  2. Hey Nina- thanks for the plug..and the reminder. I have to go check that class listing for February too.

    Talk to you soon!

  3. BTW- those paintings look awesome!

  4. Ohhhhhhh....I love pink and oranges together! When I am a home owner again, I think I know who I will be coming to for some artwork!!

  5. Thanks for putting the info. here. I just signed up for the class! What fun! We`re going to be classmates ......This will be my first class ever in my whole life. I mean art class . I`ve always taught myself, but I`m so glad I`ve changed to be open to being taught. I`m a sponge, thirsty for knowledge.

  6. hey, great attitude. I'm sorry you lost your job and hope that if I lose my job (possible) I have the same can-do attitude.