Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Word of Intention for 2010 and New Cards I Made This Week

Lots of artists in Bloglandia select a "Word of Intention" at the beginning of every year. Merriam-Webster defines Intention as: "something that one hopes or intends to accomplish."

My word this year will be; NOW. Merriam-Webster defines now as: "at the present time or without delay." I want to live in the now, stay in the now, because now is all we have.  I want to stop procrastinating and do it now!

The pile of art supplies in my living room keeps me from creating art every day, so I'd like to clean that up and organize it into something workable. If I spend a period of time each day chipping away at that mess, eventually it will be neat and clean. I'll be able to find things and have plenty of room to make art.

I blogged recently about how much my life has changed since I've applied the principals of the book, "The Power of Now," to my life. I no longer focus on the past, nor do I project into the future. All I have control of is what I do, see and most importantly, what I think right now. During times when my thoughts dwell on the past or I worry about the future; I bring myself back to the present with other thoughts as fast as I can. It's very simple really, but it's not easy. It's taken me a lot of practice to be consistent. The results have been outstanding. I have learned to worry less, (negative energy) and keep as many positive thoughts as possible.

When I'm not feeling very good, I change my thoughts to more positive things and I start to feel better. It's worked so well, I'm off anti-depression medication for the first time in years. I am NOT recommending this for others, because it didn't happen right away, but I changed my story about how I want to feel. I want to feel good as much as possible, as often as possible. Changing the way I think makes that possible. In the world of therapy, it's called cognitive thinking. Change your thoughts and your actions will change. I always had that backwards. I thought I had to *do* something to change my feelings. I thought I had to wait for something to happen in order to feel happy. But that was not working for me. I found something that works and it's staying present and thinking positive thoughts.

One of my art groups on talked about their word of intention this week and came up with these so far: invite, heart, happiness, dance, believe, love, let go, breathe, hope and soar. All excellent words.

Christine Kane also talks about this idea on her blog. She says choosing a word sets the tone for the whole year. She features people on her blog who have chosen: celebrate, release, abundance and courage. More outstanding words. If you email Christine, she'll send you a free Word of Intention worksheet to help you figure out what word will work best for you. She says, "Intention can't not work."

This isn't like a New Year's resolution. It's a guideline for living your life in a better way, more positive way and I'm all about that. I've over simplified here and I suggest you read, "The Power of Now," or "The Law of Attraction," to discover the details of how this can change your life too.

 I suggest you come up with a word too and see if it helps you do more of what you really want to do. I'd love to know what your word is. Please email me or let me know in a comment below.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy deciding what word you want to pick for your Word of Intention to set the tone of 2010.

Since writing this post, I have found some other blogs that discuss this topic, including: Ali Edwards, where there are a ton of words by artists who have chosen a Word Of Intent. Kathryn Antyr, The Collage Diva , also blogs about affirmations and her words for 2010. She has the best links too! Lisa Swifka has a wonderful blog post as well. She's the one who started the wonderful, global blog event, One World One Heart. I'll be blogging about that very soon.


  1. Now is an excellent word for 2010! And I learned the same lesson, about being able to control/change/direct my own thoughts years ago during an incredible rough patch in my life. Yoga helps too! My yoga teach is always talking about the present moment.....
    Oh, I think my word for 2010 must be TEACH.

  2. my word was chosen for me as God and I were talking, since 2008 He has given me a word for each year. I post it on my sidebar in my blog. Getting a serious medical diagnosis in August found my 2009 word of "Healing" being looked at in a different way. And in Oct, i believe, the word He gave me was "Wonder". i love my 2010 word of wonder. thanks for sharing your thoughts on One Word.

  3. Very nice cards you've made. Now is a good word.

  4. Way to go! It is so amazing how the power of positive intention works. I just watch Louise Hay's movie, "You can heal yourself." Sounds like you're doing this. "Now" is a great word. There is no place like the present. In December I started pausing during my day, each day. In these short pauses I would stop what I was doing and focus on my breath. I found it to be very grounding and relaxing. I'm a big fan of Wayne Dyer. Are you familiar with his books? I have several words for 2010 but "becoming" is my top word -- I'm looking forward to becoming all that I've hoped for.

    Cheers to a lovely new year.
    All the best to you!
    {soul hugs}

  5. I always relate to your posts Nina... I love the concept of NOW. I have been redefining myself for 2 years now and it is a slow process, but oh so worth persevering with. Love your cards... and you rock! xo
    Happy New Year!

  6. I totally relate to what you said when you were talking about positive thoughts and getting off your anti-depressants...I took pills for years. Last January I managed to direct my thoughts positively (MOST of the time!) and have been anti-depresant free since =)
    The mind is a powerful thing, im so glad to hear it is working for you now!

  7. Only good thing for me about the DSC being canceled on KGB is that I found you on the Facebook group and a link to your blog! Had no idea you were an artist ... and as I fellow cardmaker, I was thrilled to see this post. Your cards are lovely! I also recently posted about my word of the year ... APPRECIATE:

  8. I think my word will be "Love." Recently I had an old friend/flame reenter my life.... Will it lead to something? Who knows... Will we just be friends? Who knows.... But what I do know is, since he and I reconnected I've been more joyful, inspired, and laughed more than I have in a long time. ...Regardless of what the details between him and I may end up being, I have decided to carry these feelings with me every day - to believe there is Love and joy in every day and feel those wonderful emotions and the gifts they bring.